Development plan

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Development plan of Viet Nam – Korea Friendship Information Technology College in the period 2010 - 2015

After 4 operating years, Viet Nam – Korea Friendship Information Technology College have trained IT human resource with high qualification in order to meet the social demand. Besides, the college won the VICTA prize- which is for excellent IT training foundation.

KOICA Office in Viet Nam has officially confirmed to sponsor ODA capital for expanding and upgrading Viet Nam – Korea Friendship Information Technology College in order to not only improve and boost the training quality and but also set the foundation of infrastructure for the purpose of upgrading to the  Viet Nam - Korea Friendship University of Information Technology and Communications.

1. Development plan on education scope:

  • Period 2011-2012:

-College: 1200 enrollment targets/ year 

-Professional Secondary: 600 enrollment targets/ year

  • Period 2013-2015:

-Undergraduate: 600 enrollment targets/ year

- College: 1200 enrollment targets/ year

- Professional secondary: 600 enrollment targets/ year

-Connected system to College: 150 enrollments/ year

-Connected system to Undergraduate: 400 enrollments/ year

2. Development plan on training majors:

2.1 Development on new majors for Professional Secondary.

1. E- Technology Engineering

2. Office Information System

3. Computer- Aided Drawing

4. E- communication Technology

2.2 Development on new majors for College

a/ Make outline in order to ask permission for training some new majors basing on recent major such as: (in 2011)

  1. Graphic Design-code 51210403; major of Computer- Aided Art (replacing for major of Graphic Design)
  2. E- Technology and Communication Technogy – code 52520302; major of E- technology and Communication Technogy (replacing for E- Computing).
  3. Architectural Technology Engineering- code 51510101, major of Architectural Technology and Construction Engineering (repalcing for major of Architectural Design)

b/ Reserch to ask permission for training some new majors to diversify training one to meet the social demand. (in 2012)

  1. Communication and Computer Network- code 51480102, major of Computer (replacing for major of Computer Network)
  2. Information System Management- code 51340405- major of Management.
  3. Communication Technogy- code 51480406, major of Information Technology
  4. Information Technology- code 51480201, major of Information Technology

2.3. Undergraduate majors estimated to 2015

1. Graphic Design- code 52210403, major of Computer- Aided Art.

2. Industrial Design- code 52210402, major of Computer- Aided Art.

3. Communication Technogy- code 52340406, major of Press and Media.

4. Public Relation- code 52360708, major of Press and Media.

5. Business Management- code 5234010, major of Business.

6. Marketing, code 52340115, major of Business.

7.Information System Management- code 52340405, major of Management.

8. Computer Science- code 52480101, major of Computer.

9. Communication and Computer Network- code 52480102, major of Computer

10. Software Engineering- code 52480103, major of Computer.

11. Information Technology- code 52480201, major of Information Technology.

2.4. Design training connected system programs to college and undergraduate.

- Basing on the majors for Professional Secondary, College, and Undergraduate, to design connected training system to undergraduate and further study.

3. Development plan on staff and lecturers.

-         The total of Staff and Lecturers is up to 240 in 2012, including 50% of total are Postgraduate.

-          The total of Staff and Lecturers is up to 400 in 2015 with 278 Lecturers taking off 5% are Doctoral Degree, 60% are Master Degree and 10% of  Lecturers can lecture in English.

-         Improve and boost effect of international cooperation, actract annually by 5-10 scholoships for Officials and Lecturers studying abroad.

-         Train and foster management and qualification ability for Officials and Lecturers in Korea.

4  Development plan on facilities:

On October 27, 2009, Minister of Information and Communications issued the Decision No. 1486/ QD-BTTTT on approving the construction investment project of “Expanding Viet Nam – Korea Friendship Information Technology College”. The project was funded by state budget with a total of 138,118,000,000 VND. Implementation period is from December, 2009 to December, 2012 including:

4.1 Constructions:

-  Carry out compensation for site clearance with the area is 35,581m2 that expand the campus area to 135,581m2 and completing construction of infrastructure systems, fences in the granted land.

- Develop three 5-floors dormitories with a total of 336 rooms, which can accomodate 3360 students.

-  Renovate four student dormitories into four lecture halls with 95 classrooms, 64 labs rooms that can accomodate 8000 students for all grades

4.2 Equipments :

- Investment on academic equipment for 50 classrooms and 40 labs.

- Investment on upgrading 1400 old computers equiped from 2007 and buying 60 projectors for classrooms.

- Develop a complete internal network combining wired and wireless connections to expand the scope and ability in exchange information quickly, efficiently, and ensure education under the e- learning method.

- Further investment on software and equipments for new majors.